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  • Waffleman697

    Well hello I am waffleman Im known by many other names across the stretch of the internet but that is my most common name. Despite how you may think knowledge is a gift but what we do with it can be for the greater good or our own demise.

    I love research anything that facinates me and I'll be in that subject taking notes like any researcher. I love to listen to music because it is a freedom of expression and a good calming element for me. I do not know your thoughts our beliefs but I am willing to listen as long as you will the same. Post some of your slender related expierences below or check out my wiki/website my website can be found in my profile and the wiki is listed below and so will be the website :P.



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  • Waffleman697

    Ok So

    March 29, 2014 by Waffleman697

    ​Ok so I have a task for every one. Get all your info your expeirences your photos and proof and put it below or add it to this post by edit be serious guys I want all the serious stuff to come out so come on together we can learn more about slenderman or the rake or windigo's whatever paranormal figures related to slender we can only do it with help so guy's be serious and add some serious info hardcore mode. Oh and when you add something space it away from some one elses and put a signature underneath so I know who to thank for info. -waffleman

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  • Waffleman697

    In Retrospect I guess when I started out looking up stuff about slender it was more about fun till I had an expeirience I was noticing wierd occurances.

    One of these occurances happend when I was half asleep I got up in the middle of the night for some water to drink when I finally get back to bed I here a knock next to me at the window.

    But I had bunk beds at the time and you would have to be roughly 7 to 8 feet tall to reach there.

    The knocking persisted and I looked out but nothing and no one was there.

    Another expeirence would have to be the time I woke up in the morning and I didnt remember my dream and I looked at my window and I noticed something wierd.

    There were my foot prints all over the window ass if I were fighting something off.


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  • Waffleman697

    Slenderman was originaly a german Fairy Tale his original name was Der große Mann whitch translates to The Tall  Man He is Also Know as The Rough Man and other nam'es. In Germany He was a Fairy Tale Designed to get kids to be good 'and go to sleep when there sup'posed to they said he would knock on the kids windows and snatch them away. Another Story is that he dwells at the edge of the black forest in germany and would take the kids who go in after dusk. A journal entry during 1702 in germany was written by a kid named Lars He told his mom that he saw an angel a the day before he was kidnaped by Der große Mann *aka* Slenderman. The people at somethingawfulforums did not make it. The photos may be fake but the story of Lars is not thanks f…

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