• Unkn0wn 1nsanity

    We all came h3re looking for information, lo0king for the truth, for answers.

    But if that 1s correct.. Then did we not care ab0ut the warnings? That we all wer3 choosing to put ourselves 1nto danger? Or, did we not kn0w?

    But 1f we were already in danger to start with.. Then why ar3 we going into more danger, trouble, just to search for the Truth?

    On another note.. What is the Truth? Is 1t what keeps us sane? Does it make us feel bett3r to know what actually is 0ut there?

    Is 1t even a good thing to know th3 Truth?

    Would it b3 better t0 have our m1nds be f1lled with lies inst3ad? The liars.. Are they actually us3ful?

    If we all w1sh for the Truth.. Then why d0 we give lies? Don't we get back what w3 sent out?


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