This is evan's last message he sent to me, i replyed and we talked for a while before he started writing things in numbers, here it is "He is watching me jordan, it's watching, i dont have time before i am taken by him" "Evan, whats going on?" "He is close jordan, help!" "Evan i will do what i can, do you have a place to hide?" "Yes, my closet" "Get in there quickly evan" "Okay, im in the closet" "I'll call the police and send them to your house" "He's coming" i waited a while and then sent him another message "Okay evan, the police are almost there" "He's standing right outside there, i'm gonna open it, he just wants to be my friend" "Evan, evan!" after a while he stopped messaging me, until i got another one "241420 201319 741115 24142017 51784133131422" i stopped messaging him anyone encypt to code?

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