I see some things I shouldn’t, whether it be behind a wall of red—and them, behind a wall of green.

I do not comment, on some things done. I do not wish to intrude. Some things are better left unsaid.

You’re rich with that chaos—that stuff you call, “evil.” Yet you choose to fight for what you consider to be morally; “right.”

You still have him inside you know. The one called, “C0ns3qu3nc3.” It took a lot to drug him, didn’t it? To make him slumber? You got him pretty good I’ll admit.

Yet what is going to happen to you, when he wakes up fully? You told your friends you took the key to his, “cage,” and threw it in the darkest recesses of your mind. However, what you didn’t think of in the first place is that he might have access… To such places.

Why do you persist on making him slumber? Why just let it go?

If I let him out, I don’t want to see my friends get hurt. If my existence burns out keeping him in… Well, that’s my actions. Why does it matter to you anyway?

…Because he needs to be let out.

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