Grey Cross

aka グレーの魂の輝き (Grey SoulShine)

  • I live in In a Constant State of Delusion
  • My occupation is Welding the Chaos and Balance of this World
  • I am Lucid as Clear Water, And Dark as Light
  • Grey Cross

    Where some don’t have walls, we do. We see through these walls to see into you—but you have a wall oddly. The wall of gray, a wall that seems to be existent, but to some extent is not. It is an example of what C0ns3qu3nc3 harnesses. That wall protects you abit more than others. It may leave you isolated, but in some ways you might say its well worth it. You inactively know things that you impossibly should not know. You’ve seen into some things that will occur. You take that into account and use it. However, it is still unknown to us how you do such a thing.

    There is a lot you don’t know. Your friends shouldn’t worry about that however—due to how you can’t see EVERYTHING. You shouldn’t need to see. You shouldn’t need to hear. You don’t want…

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  • Grey Cross

    I see some things I shouldn’t, whether it be behind a wall of red—and them, behind a wall of green.

    I do not comment, on some things done. I do not wish to intrude. Some things are better left unsaid.

    You’re rich with that chaos—that stuff you call, “evil.” Yet you choose to fight for what you consider to be morally; “right.”

    You still have him inside you know. The one called, “C0ns3qu3nc3.” It took a lot to drug him, didn’t it? To make him slumber? You got him pretty good I’ll admit.

    Yet what is going to happen to you, when he wakes up fully? You told your friends you took the key to his, “cage,” and threw it in the darkest recesses of your mind. However, what you didn’t think of in the first place is that he might have access… To such places…

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  • Grey Cross

    Called Back...

    March 31, 2015 by Grey Cross

    I was Called back...

    By the Dialtone.

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  • Grey Cross


    May 29, 2014 by Grey Cross

    Zen Approach.

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  • Grey Cross

    Omit the part about demons in my head. . . . . ? My friends? .... .

    Always there. Always here. Always near. Wake up, midnight is approaching

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