• Deadroses

    Worried Sick

    December 20, 2013 by Deadroses

    I dont know if you all will listen. I've been banned. DERP. But what you're doing here, spitting on Slendy's And his proxie's Names is extremely dangerous and idiotic.

    First reason: Most proxies are extrememly Insane and pissing them off could cause their insanity to be towards you. And trust me, you DONT WANT TO SEE AN ANGRY PROXY JUST NO.

    Second: Proxies are friends with other beings as well, so if you insult proxies, you're also pissing off the other beings aswell. Which will cause them to go after you. And trust me, there are some scary beings out there...scary indeed. The kind that lurk in your nightmares; except worse.

    Third: Slenderman is extremely powerful if you were to even punch him, the bones in your arm would shatter. Now that, i…

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