patterns can be simple

however in order to appreciate them

complications must arise

The Host is perhaps the largest example of what this war could do to humanity. He was under the control of what you would call the Slender Man, and he enjoyed the power he got given. But he wanted more, and he wanted it all to himself. This may sound strange to some, but being under the control of the Tall One does not wipe all of the original personality. We would know. The Host's mind grew too strong for the Slender Man, so the Tall One tried to kill him, in order to prevent the threat that could arise. As you could guess, this did not work, and the Host managed to break free and escape. He is the final form of humanity. That is what would happen if you do not focus on the light. The Host wants everyone. He is insane, but he knows that the Light would rid him of Earth. So he tries to interfere as much as possible.

parasites use others to get to their prey

make sure you know who to trust

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