my vessel is being most cooperative

making these matters easier

but communication directly is another matter

The Prophets are beings who have given into Sanity. But still people do not understand what that means, so we must elaborate. Sanity is an illusion; it does not mean rationality. Sanity is a state that in which humans are tough, and unwilling to accept many things. This in turn can lead to insanity, and dementia. As for the Prophets, their minds are no longer even human. They are a new kind of being. They do not exist on the same plane as normal humans, but are able to flit through time and space. However, they are not able to alter these different planes in any way, merely floating, helpless throughout the ether. This is what was thought, until one of your own race managed to anchor one in our world. Now they roam among us, aware of what might happen and what has happened, dangerous and insane. When we said that they know what might happen, we mean that they know the current state of events,  but one may defy expectations and break that flow of time, creating another. It has happened yet, but if one does, then this war will lose one more fighter.

time is a dangerous thing

be careful what you do with it