i have been told to do this so others may understand

i do not agree but what i must do i must do

my vessel will write these words down so they are easier to understand

The Light is not an object or a being. It is something that humanity can not comprehend. It has been in existence since before the Shadow Era, and still exists today. It is such a powerful force that even the Warriors fear it. What are the Warriors? We have tried to explain this time and time again to you. They are different aspects of the same being: Slender Man, Administrator, Operator and Guardian. All the same, and yet all different. The Light was used to end the Shadow Era, by a human. However, he was not ready, and the Light did not perform to its full ability. While the darkness was blown away, it would return, slowly, until it could take the Light.

you must understand to use

you must use to be ready

you will take your chance

and make the right choice

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