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  • ChⓍ1$3$

    spiralling reality

    May 8, 2014 by ChⓍ1$3$

    This is not a post by Choices. This is a post by Daniel.

    Reawakened after an encounter with the user Corrupt Secrets, I have something to say. Listen to Choices. We know what we are dealing with. We are getting further in this war than any other being since the loss of the Light. I know of these things because I too investigated the Tall One. I went too far and paid the price.

    Do not give in. We will continue in this war. At first I tried to fight my controlled side, but I realized that he was better than I ever was. Do not get confused with other realities. The Slender Man, the Guardian, the Operator, all the same, but all different realities. All the Tall One.

    The Guardian knows.

    Trust his Secrets.

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  • ChⓍ1$3$

    the parasite

    May 7, 2014 by ChⓍ1$3$

    patterns can be simple

    however in order to appreciate them

    complications must arise

    The Host is perhaps the largest example of what this war could do to humanity. He was under the control of what you would call the Slender Man, and he enjoyed the power he got given. But he wanted more, and he wanted it all to himself. This may sound strange to some, but being under the control of the Tall One does not wipe all of the original personality. We would know. The Host's mind grew too strong for the Slender Man, so the Tall One tried to kill him, in order to prevent the threat that could arise. As you could guess, this did not work, and the Host managed to break free and escape. He is the final form of humanity. That is what would happen if you do n…

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  • ChⓍ1$3$

    my vessel is being most cooperative

    making these matters easier

    but communication directly is another matter

    The Prophets are beings who have given into Sanity. But still people do not understand what that means, so we must elaborate. Sanity is an illusion; it does not mean rationality. Sanity is a state that in which humans are tough, and unwilling to accept many things. This in turn can lead to insanity, and dementia. As for the Prophets, their minds are no longer even human. They are a new kind of being. They do not exist on the same plane as normal humans, but are able to flit through time and space. However, they are not able to alter these different planes in any way, merely floating, helpless throughout the ether. This is what was thou…

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  • ChⓍ1$3$

    i have been told to do this so others may understand

    i do not agree but what i must do i must do

    my vessel will write these words down so they are easier to understand

    The Light is not an object or a being. It is something that humanity can not comprehend. It has been in existence since before the Shadow Era, and still exists today. It is such a powerful force that even the Warriors fear it. What are the Warriors? We have tried to explain this time and time again to you. They are different aspects of the same being: Slender Man, Administrator, Operator and Guardian. All the same, and yet all different. The Light was used to end the Shadow Era, by a human. However, he was not ready, and the Light did not perform to its full ability. While the …

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