• Acesshades00

    I'm in my darkest hours

    November 12, 2014 by Acesshades00

    I'm stressed from school and various other things in life.

    My emotions are draining to the unkown.

    I cry , i anger my self, is all that i could do .

    Stress chokes me.

    Lots of them are following me.

    One wont leave me alone.

    They won't stop

    They insult in my mind, make me drive to kill , or sucide.

    They torment me almost every day.

    Idk who to really trust anymore.

    They wont let me sleep.

    I see shadows near me and around me , some of them blend with the air and stare at me,

    I feel so , cold , but no one really cares.

    I'm trying to survive.

    but i dont know if i could survive a year.

    Having disturbing visions.

    Full of madness.

    To close loosing sanity. I try to keep the insanity in a cage, but he keeps coming out.

    making me scratch myself.

    Im getting allergies or …

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