The Slender Finders are an organization dedicated to proving that the being known as the Slender Man is real.


Slender Finders


The Slender Finders were founded on 10/11/2013 by Matthias Greeff and Westley Ellis when both were determined to find out more about the Slender Man. Since then they have started a website , YouTube page and a Wiki.

Soon after the YouTube channel was founded, several more people joined. Then, after their first episode, Matthias got sent a strange video, which introduced the fact that a Proxy was also involved.

SLender FInders

Both Westley and Matthias then started to gain strange Proxy-like symptoms, though Matthias had more than Westley. Then a new member joined their Wiki, who claimed to be acting through Matthias.

Matthias then started to find pages in the same area he was attacked by the individual and the Slender Man.

Westley then encountered some difficulties that forced him to leave the Slender Finders, and wipe all evidence off the internet.