Advice is the second episode of the Slender Finders. It is tagged with 'slender man' and 'advice'. 


[Taken from webcam in Matthias Greeff's room and he begins talking]

Recently our site got a form submission from a guy, I will refer to his email, (his email) he siad that he had felt like he has been in the presence of Slender Man for quite a while now, and he doesn't have any idea what to do next.

Now, I, as you probably know if you've been watching my YouTube, have also been in the presence of Slender Man for a while. It's been really hard on me.

I also did not have any idea what to do; I've been trying to stay low, trying to be anonymous, but I still got that email, and none of friend and no-one I know believes me.

Just...just, Ryan, I don't know what you should to do help [from staying away from Slender Man] but we're all with you; we'll help you get through this. We will all make it through.

We'll prove him, and we'll show the world that he's dangerous and should be stopped. Okay.


Video: Advice